Ariana + Jake

Palm Springs, California

Ariana and Jake met in college in Tucson, Arizona. During this time, Palm Desert became their special escape. They would drive there and spend the weekend often - a tradition that continued after graduation. Something about the desert has always been magic for them, so it's no surprise that they chose to have their wedding weekend in Palm Springs. Their Italian-themed welcome party was bursting with color and vibrant patterns but the couple chose to keep it classic on their wedding day, with a minimal and timeless palette of white and green. Ariana likes to say she was a princess in a past life, so the couple chose to have fun little surprises to honor the sentiment - including cutting their cake with a sword!

"Your photos made us want to be at the events you were capturing, and made us want to get to know the couples and people in the photos."

— Ariana Geiderman, bride




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