From a whole team dedicated to anticipating, guiding and communicating to get the shot and get the couple back to living it. It’s about connection and putting my couple’s at ease so they can truly relish in the moment and celebration of their love. That’s what brings about the most honest and joy-filled images. 

These moments of presence come from comfort and intimacy

Our Process

Deep Dive

You can expect a very hands-on process starting with a deep-dive into the uniqueness of you, your partner, your story and all that you're dreaming of. We tie in close with your wedding team, many of whom we likely know, because success is all about synchronicity.

Wedding Day

On the day, it's all about carving space to slow it all down and enjoy it; to touch something real. My team and I are great at anticipating, guiding and communicating to get the shot and get you back in it. 

Gallery Preview

We go home, soak our feet in a salt bath, and while the wedding is live in our body we mark selections to frame the emotion and memory live and deliver a highlight to share.

Full Gallery

To follow, it is the art of curating, treating and telling a story that will forever be the memory of all who were there - and the envy of those who weren't. You'll receive your images in less than 10 weeks (often more near 6) and the text or call you send to follow is what I live for. Those joy smile tears!

in my camera bag

fine art

I mainly shoot digital to keep up with the speed of a wedding day and layer in both fine art and 35mm film to create really dynamic galleries that hit all the notes. I love the texture and dimension that the mix of formats provides - from the fine art soft and pretty to the raw, playful, and nostalgic of 35mm. 


35mm film

in their words

"When I see Val's name in my inbox, I know there is a beautiful real wedding at my fingertips. Her sense of composition, lighting and the ability to bring to life the couple's emotions and tell their story is part of what makes my job such a joy. Working with Valorie is truly a gift to our publication."

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California Wedding Day Magazine, Editor

"Val is simply the best. She was my absolute dream photographer and truly brought our vision to life by going above and beyond. To see our wedding captured through her eye was so special and I'm so happy that the one thing that will last forever from the wedding, the photos, are an absolute dream."

02 / 04

Kira Kazantsev
former bride and Miss America 2015

"We left the wedding missing her and within days she sent us a preview of our outstanding pictures. Her work proved that she is a FABULOUS ARTIST capturing all the shots we requested and candid ones that left huge smiles on our faces. I really hope to have a reason to use her again in the near future."

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Mother of Groom
the knot

"She's ready with her camera and wit at every event, ready to draw out anyone's personality and capture it beautifully.  A gorgeous mix of everything one would hope to find in a photographer. It is a pleasure to find someone so in love with their craft....and with Valorie, it shows!"

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Kelsey Timberlake Events




a gallery to stand

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