*Up to two week turn around on family, engagement + lifestyle portraits.

*Two month turn around on weddings.

BUMP: Make sure not to wear restricting clothing several hours before the shoot, so that there aren't any indentations on your skin.

BABY: Please call in advance for your newborn sessions, so I have a general idea of time of month. Once the baby is born, call me so that I can set a date early in the week. Newborns are best to photograph within the first 10 – 14 days. I have some props and outfits for newborns, although, nothing at all is always the best.


i like
your style

Less is more…avoid large logos and busy patterns. Wear clothes you feel good in and get complimented in! Those colors/fits are typically complementary to your shape, skin tone and eyes. [Form fitting clothing are always more flattering for headshots.] Bring options! I love accessories and layers we can play with! A hat or jacket creates an additional look instantly… For family photos, coordinating solid colors work very well. Or limiting your patterns to 1/3 of the group.